SCM-Manager Installation

1. RPM installation.

Create a new file at /etc/yum.repos.d/SCM-Manager.repo with the following content to install the scm-manager repository:

name=SCM-Manager Releases

2. Install openjdk package.

  yum install java-1.x.0-openjdk

3. Install scm-server package.

  yum install scm-server
4. By default, it runs on port 8080

Hit http://localhost:8080/scm on web browser, pProvide username, and password as ‘scmadmin’ and login.

Reference Link: SCM-Manager Configuration.

How to Create Project in SCM-Manager

1. Under Repositories tab click on Add to create a new project. 

2. Provide the Name of the Project under “Name:” field say project1
Select Subversion in drop down box under field “Type:”
Provide contact details such as email id under field “Contacts:”
Provide description of the project under field “Description:”
And click OK.

3. After creating the repository you will get the svn url under field “Url:”
This url is used for taking repository checkout and also committing the code in svn.    

4. Now add the users under Permission tab who are going to access this repository for taking checkout and committing new codes under the repository.